Designing a Gender-Neutral Nursery

Traditional by Decorating Den Interiors- Corporate Headquarters
Decorating Den Interiors

Neutral Sophistication

You know the old rules: pink is for girls and blue is for boys. According to today’s decorating standards, this rule is completely outdated and limited. As these traditions change, neutral sophistication is becoming more popular in nursery design. With many conventional decorating options still leaning towards traditional, gender-based decor, neutral nurseries can seem difficult to design. However, your options stretch far beyond yellow and gray, Don’t become discouraged, become inspired!

Start with your color palette

Starting with the simple basics, a palette of gray or beige creates a relaxed space that can be customized over time. A neutral wall color is a great rule of thumb when it comes to decorating any space, but is especially important when designing a gender-neutral nursery. We offer color consultations to guide your selection. This allows you to start incorporating themes and other colors once the baby is born.

Transitional Nursery by Interior Motives
Interior Motives

A nursery should be a quiet and comforting place for both parent and infant, so select colors that calm YOU. Speaking from experience, keeping yourself as calm as possible when comforting a crying baby is important. Infants pick up on the feelings of the person holding them. We all know the stereotypical scene in a movie or television show when the frazzled new parent hands the child to an older adult and the baby calms down. But often babies cry for other reasons, such as colic, which is not easily calmed. Still, the parent needs to stay calm, when holding, rocking, or walking around to soothe the baby. Focus on filling the room with love, and that can be shown in the details. In addition to colors and photos that calm the parent, music is always helpful. I would sing songs that comforted me and focused me on the needs of the baby.

Transitional Nursery by Beckwith Interiors
Beckwith Interiors

Less is more

The use of color is what helps to differentiate a child’s room from any other room in your home. If you want to incorporate a theme, a few key pieces are all a room needs to appear cohesive. Geometrics, animals, and under-the-sea themes are very popular in gender neutral design. Painting an accent wall or adding a fun and playful wallpaper are great ways to add visual interest to the space. Resist the urge to stencil a Pinterest-worthy, intricate jungle scene on the wall. Rather, incorporate the theme with small touches through accessories. Bedding, throw pillows, blankets, and a few decorative elements are great ways to introduce a theme. This also allows you to swap themes as your child grows and their interests change.


Choose function over fashion

Adaptability is a desirable feature for any child’s space. For many new parents it can seem like it only took a few months for their newborn to grow into a toddler. When the new baby arrives, the once very important design of the nursery becomes an afterthought. A design that is able to grow with your child eliminates headaches that your future, child-chasing self will thank you for.


You and your baby will be spending a lot of time in the nursery, making it essential to choose pieces that work well and are comfortable. Choose your furniture wisely, do you really need a separate changing table or can you utilize the top of a dresser that will last well beyond the diaper years? Additionally, some cribs are made to transform into a twin size bed, eliminating the need to shop for a big-kid bed when the time comes. Purchasing a gliding chair in a neutral pattern and using simple wicker baskets for organization make these easy to re-purpose in other parts of your home when they are no longer needed for your baby.

Philosophy Design


There are plenty of options for gender neutral design and following these tips will help you create a serene yet playful nursery. If you are still looking for ideas, the talented designers at Babel’s Paint & Decorating would be happy to give you even more tips and advice for creating the perfect nursery to grow along with the newest addition to your family.

Safety in the Time of COVID-19

Your safety is important to us. Designers can begin the conversation about your project using teleconferencing. So much can be done online these days as far as selecting furniture and accessories. For paint color samples and wall coverings, we offer curbside pickup at all our paint stores. If there is some reason to visit our decorating showroom, we’re taking all necessary precautions. Employees and customers are wearing masks plus observing social distancing. Designers will also come to your home, with the same precautions.

Our interior designers are based in Norwood and Mansfield, but will travel wherever needed across New England. Click here to learn more on our website.

To schedule an appointment, please call our Decorating Manager, Brandy Souza at 508-339-8020 or email


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