Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Painting


The warmer weather has finally arrived and time spent outdoors is on the rise. As we begin our favorite, long-awaited outdoor activities like gardening or jogging it is easy for our attention to be re-directed towards the exterior of our home and thoughts of painting begin to emerge in our minds. Keep reading for a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about exterior painting. 

Find and Repair Damage

Spring is the perfect time to take a good look around your home, the snow has melted and the bushes and trees have not filled out yet. Review the structural condition and look for any damage that may have occurred over winter as well as any bushes or branches that need to be cut back. If you do find damage,  it will need to be repaired before any painting can be done as it is crucial to make sure your paint has a sound surface to adhere to. Begin this process as early as possible, most of this work can be completed before the weather is nice enough to being painting. 


Clean & Prep

Once you repair any damage, it is wise to power-wash the entire home using a multi-purpose cleaner or a mildewcide. Even if the home does not appear to look dirty, exposure to the elements will always leave some dirt or dust on the house. This will cause a thin layer between the paint and the house which causes the paint to not adhere as closely as it should. Once the home is washed, look it over once more for any defects or damage that may have been obscured by dirt. Also, be sure to refresh any caulk that has become loose or cracked. Caulk is important as it keeps moisture from becoming stuck behind siding and trim.

Primer is needed if peeling paint has been scraped to reveal raw wood, damaged trim or siding has been replaced with new wood, or the exterior siding or trim was painted with a glossy finish. Primer ensures the best adhesion possible and is important where ever there are surface or sheen irregularities. 

What about aluminium or vinyl siding? 

Aluminium and vinyl were designed to never need painting. However, as tastes change or the materials age, painting is sometimes desired. With these two substrates, special paints and primers will need to be used. Alkyd Medal Primers are best for aluminum and Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select REVIVE is a crucial product for vinyl siding to prevent warping and cracking. It is best to ask a Benjamin Moore Expert about your specific situation before purchasing your products. 


Choose Colors

Selecting the colors for the exterior of  you home can be the most fun but also the most challenging step in this process. There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing a color, such as permanent features like the roof and stone or stucco, or your neighborhood association by-laws. With over 4,000 colors, Benjamin Moore has a solution for every situation and preference. Need some inspiration? Check out this blog post for three no-fail exterior color combinations or discuss your ideas with a color consultant. 

Row_of_Apartments.jpgHow National Lumber & Babel’s Can Help

National Lumber and Babel’s have Benjamin Moore Paint Experts, Color Consultants, and Interior Designers on staff to make sure you have everything you need to get your project done right the first time. Color Consultants are available to visit your home and do an on-site color consultation; after your visit, receive a coupon for a free gallon of Benjamin Moore Paint. Benjamin Moore Experts are available to walk you through Benjamin Moore’s extensive paint line and answer any questions you may have about supplies. Visit any National Lumber or Babel’s store to get fresh ideas, speak with an industry expert, and pick up a list of local contractors to get your project moving. 

About Laura Kirkpatrick 

Laura Kirkpatrick is a color consultant out of National Lumber’s Berlin location. In addition to having a lifelong passion for color, Laura has spent some time as a high end house painter and renovated three of her own homes. Her experience on both sides of exterior renovation have lead to an extensive knowledge of all stages of a project, from concept to completion. Contact Laura to see how she can help, regardless of where you are on your design journey. 


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