Why Use a Color Consultant?


There are infinite colors in the world around us. Benjamin Moore offers over 3,500 colors to choose from and it can be a daunting task to narrow this down to one. When choosing a color scheme for the interior or exterior of your home, this task can become even more difficult. Color Consultants specialize in understanding the way colors interact with each other and how those interactions affect us. Whether you are painting one room or your entire home, using a Color Consultant can improve the color section process.


Color is evocative and goes beyond the standard blue, red, or green; think of the color of snow at dusk or the hazy green of mist over a field at dawn. These colors can define how we feel – comfortable, energetic, safe, or inquisitive. However, understanding that these feelings come from the color around us is often not intuitive. This is when working with a Color Consultant can transform your project.



Color Consultants understand that no color exists alone and that one color can influence another by attracting or rejecting undertones. Simply describing what you imagine the finished project to look like and your style preferences, a color consultant should be able to expertly put together a color palette that perfectly complements existing pieces in your home along with your personal tastes.


Laura Knight Kirkpatrick, Color Consultant at National Lumber in Berlin, discusses her method of helping her clients find the perfect color:

“As a color consultant, I pride myself in my ability to combine the many elements of a project: existing colors, preferences of the client, and the desired result. I don’t imprint my taste, but instead ascertain what is best for the job at hand. With color as the cornerstone, I first consider items that are permanent in our homes such as flooring, cabinets, tile, fixtures and granite. Then, move towards the more fluid elements like the rugs, fabrics, art, and furniture. By looking at the existing elements of my client’s home, I gain an understanding of their style and can better assist in achieving their color goals. I aim for a one-of-a-kind, tailored color palette rather than impose a rubber stamp solution on them.”


Laura has been helping homeowners, businesses, and design professionals create living and work environments they are attracted to, feel comfortable in, and connect with for over thirty years. She has experience on projects of all sizes and styles. Whether it is one room or an entire home; contemporary, transitional, period, or eclectic style, Laura has the skills to help any client achieve their goals.

Laura grew up in New York City and has a BFA in graphic design, color theory, painting, and photography. Her father was an artist and production designer for films, allowing Laura to work in set design and fortify her lifelong passion for color.

After spending some time as a high end house painter and extensively renovating three of her own homes, Laura has an intimate knowledge of all stages of projects from conception to completion. Regardless of where you are on your design journey, contact Laura to help you find the colors you are envisioning.




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