Sage Green: An Exterior Disappearing Act

Knapp & Associates, Inc.

It is no secret that the Imagineers at Disney are true masterminds when it comes to magic and illusion. After stumbling upon this article from Mental Floss, one Disney secret stuck out – the Imagineers have created their own paint color called “Go Away Green”. A special shade of a green that is used to help the “ugly” parts of the park, like administrative buildings, trash cans, and fences, blend in with the landscaping. According to Disney, there is no official formula for this magical color but you don’t need pixie dust to bring this vanishing act to your own backyard.  Read below for some ideas to bring this color into your own space plus Benjamin Moore alternatives.

Boston Common

This trick of using green to make colors disappear in plain site is not exclusive to Disney parks. A short walk around Boston’s Public Garden will reveal that this green is used more frequently than we think. In the photo above you can see a large maintenance shed seemingly vanishes, right in the middle of the Public Garden! The next time you find yourself walking around a public space, keep a close eye out for this hidden color and look for inspiration to bring this illusion to your own home.

Crisp Architects

This color helps whatever it is you paint to blend into the scenery, allowing you to spend more time appreciating your surroundings and less time focusing on structural elements of your home. Painting even something small like a trellis can give the appearance that your flowers are floating mid-air. In the photo above, the thoughtful choice of a sage green for the exterior siding allows the large home to blend in beautifully with the landscape. Imagine the difference if this house were to be painted a trendy blue or classic white. The green creates an unobtrusive facade and ensures relaxation both from the land and the lake.

Benjamin Moore Sage Green

There is not one specific shade of green used to achieve this cloaking affect. The shade of green will depend on the surrounding landscape, is it lush and emerald green or is it rocky and earthy? The best color for your location could be light or dark and have gray, blue, or beige undertones. Benjamin Moore offers a vast selection of greens available in both exterior paint and solid stain. Visit any Babel’s or National Lumber location’s recently renovated paint areas to find the perfect sage green for your home.



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