Decorating with Black

Robin Williams  Interior Design

I know, black is probably the last color you would consider for your home design but before you make any final design decisions, read through this post to learn about the versatility of this chic color. You have the power to control the emotions in your space. Depending on how you use this bold color it can be sophisticated, edgy, glamorous, or simple, it is really up to you! Break away from the gloomy stereotype of this color and prepare for an effortlessly chic home.

Black as a Dominant Color

Black has the power to redirect focus and add architectural elegance. When using black as the dominant color, be conscious of the sheen you choose for your paint. A matte black wall will allow the color to fall into the background and blend in beautifully with even the simplest farmhouse decor. A high gloss black will quickly grab anyone’s attention and can quickly add elegance to any space.  When painting an entire room black, use your architectural details such as mouldings and trim to break up the color and prevent the room from falling flat.

Lisa Petrole Photography

Black as an Accent

There is a design rule that states “every room could use a touch of black”.  Black is anchoring and can bring an air of sophistication to any decorating scheme, even in a room full of pastels. Start with little things like a black bed furniture, black trim, black windows and doors, or even just black frames for artwork and photographs. When you are ready, use all of those little things at once to turn black into the true accent color for the space. The great thing about using black as your accent color is no matter how different the other areas of the room are, the black always brings the decor back together to create a cohesive design.

Andrew Roby General Contractor

Decorating with Black and White

For a room that will never go out of style, consider using a black and white color scheme. This classic color palette works well with any interior design style and allows you to play with pattern and texture. Consider black and white striped throw pillows, a black and white geometric window treatment, a bold wallcovering, or even zebra patterned upholstery. For an extra bold and sophisticated look, paint your walls with thick black and white stripes. The classic nature of these colors allows you to be adventurous in your design and add visual interest in unexpected ways.

Noz Design

Have you been inspired to bring a little black magic into your home? If you are ready to incorporate this classic color, visit any Babel’s or National Lumber location to pick up a gallon of paint or consult with a talented interior designer at our Norwood and Canton stores. Are you already a pro at decorating with this daring color? Share your ideas and photos with us!



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