Preparing Your Home To Sell

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Photo courtesy of Duralee

Are you planning on putting your house on the market this summer? If so, prepare to dress your home for success. When you are selling a home it is all about style, but not necessarily your own style. This is what makes staging different from interior design and can also make it more challenging. When you stage a home, you want to create an ambiance and lifestyle that appeals to all tastes and styles. Potential buyers need to feel as though they can make the home their own when they purchase it, even though the furnishings and accessories won’t be there when they move in. Homes that are staged sell 50% faster and for 6% more than homes without staging. Read below for some styling tips that will help you see results quickly.

Be Memorable

You want buyers to remember your home long after they have left and for the right reasons. Freshen up your walls with a neutral color and avoid dated patterns on wall coverings, window treatments and accessories. Change out your throw pillows and bed linens for trendy colors and patterns and update window treatments. Look for color palettes that are easy on the eyes and appeal to both men and women. Concentrate on symmetry and clean lines as these are things that buyers will be unintentionally drawn to.

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Clear Away Clutter

Think of what you would like your next home to be…welcoming, practical, organized.  A first step towards achieving this is clearing out any clutter. The goal, as a seller, is to make the house appear spacious and lived in, but not messy. This will make it easier for buyers to envision themselves living in the house. If it is in your budget, consider having your home professionally cleaned. Pay careful attention to kitchen cabinets, closets, and other storage places that the next residents will be using to store their own items. Buyers will be looking inside these storage areas so it is not wise to use them as a catch-all during a last minute clean. Tip: throw dirty laundry or children’s backpacks and homework into your car if you need a place to hide everyday clutter before a showing.

Yarmouth 1
 Designed by Brandy Souza of Kitchen Views at National Lumber

Accessorize Mindfully

As part of your clutter clearing, be mindful of what accessories stay and go. Remove things that are too personal, such as family photos, and replace any voids they may leave in your decor with some tasteful artwork.  Also, consider purchasing some accessories that you may not have used previously such as coffee table books, a tray to organize soaps and lotions in the master bathroom, or even a hammock in the backyard. While these things may not be practical for your everyday life, they will appeal to potential buyers. Finally, fresh flowers and greenery are an inexpensive way add instant appeal to any space.

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Designed by Ed Nunes of Kitchen Views at National Lumber

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. Most buyers will drive by a home before even seeing the interior and many will make a decision before opening the front door. Small things like trimming the hedges, removing weeds, and freshening up the entryway will go a very long way. Also, don’t focus all of your energy on the front door. Pay attention to the driveway, garage, shed, deck, and any other outdoor space you may have. Keep in mind you are selling a lifestyle and part of that is allowing the entire property to say “welcome home” to its newest residents.

July 2016, CPG on location in Palatine Illinois
Photo Courtesy of Azek

Ask For Help If You Need It

While you may be able to take care of cleaning the windows and mowing the lawn on your own, decorating to appeal to a variety of tastes can be a challenge. It is important to make sure that every space of your home is used in the most beautiful and efficient way possible to ensure that you get the greatest return on your investment. With the help of the talented interior designers at Babel’s, potential buyers will want to drop their bags and move right in. Schedule a consultation with a designer today.


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