Moving Beyond the Red Front Door

Tradition of Painting Front Door Red
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Your exterior color palette has a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal and can play a large role in the value of your home. For a small investment, painting your front door an eye-catching color can bring in a significant return. While this seems like an easy decision, going too bold may cause your neighbors to start talking…and not for a good reason. So what have homeowners been turning to? Red! Red is undoubtedly the most popular color choice for a front door and it is easy to see why. Elegant and attention-grabbing, this timeless choice can jazz up an otherwise neutral color palette. However, a quick drive through any American suburb and you will find that this color is everywhere. It is time to move beyond the red front door. Be inspired by the colors below and allow your front door to make a statement, without standing out.


Glenn Layton Homes

An aqua front door is sure to brighten up any color palette. Ranging from a paler Tiffany blue to a stronger peacock shade with green undertones, this is a great partner to a neutral exterior. Whether your siding is a beige vinyl or a traditional brick or stone, this color is sure to standout. Consider going glam with gold hardware or offering a stark contrast with wrought iron hardware.


Lavender Bliss:  Soft, Purple Hued Painted Exterior Doors
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Purple is the perfect option to achieve the small yet powerful impact we strive for with a front door. As one of the most difficult colors to work with on the interior of a home, it can come across either too sweet, too moody, or get lost somewhere in the middle. However, with options like a vibrant grape or a soft lilac you are sure to find the perfect shade to complement any exterior color palette.


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Green works beautifully with blues, grays, beiges, natural stone, and so much more. Whether you go with a lime, emerald, or pale green, there is sure to be a member of this color family that pairs perfectly with your exterior. Additionally, some stone can often have a yellow undertone and finding a green that shares the same undertone can lead to a stunning monochromatic look.


Rita Hello

Pink is a great option if you don’t want to stray too far away from the standard red. Choosing a stunning magenta or hot pink may not cause the causal passerby to notice the difference between your pink front door and the neighbor’s red door. However, upon approaching the door your visitors will be quick to notice your deliberate deviation from the norm. Consider a brighter flamingo or a paler pastel shade to really make an impact.

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Whether you stick with a classic red door or deviate to a more unique option, the front door is your opportunity to add some personality to your exterior. Have you been inspired to change your front door color? If you need help finding the perfect shade, schedule a color consultation with one of Babel’s talented interior designers and have a color chosen especially for you.  If you have already found the perfect color, share a photo with us! We would love to see what you have done to make your home as unique as you are.



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