Designing An Office You Will Want To Work in


Whether you need a place to run a business, occasionally work from home, or just a spot to pay the bills and organize family life, every home deserves more than just an extra chair and old desk to get some work done in. Creating a space that is comfortable and flows with the rest of the home, all while serving you in the most effective way possible will make for a home office that you will never want to leave.

When designing your office, keep in mind what kind of work will be done in the space. Are you going to have clients stop by for appointments? If so, make sure it is large enough to offer plenty of seating and private enough to keep the daily goings-on of your home from interfering with your work. Are you using it to pay the bills and keep track of busy children’s schedules? Perhaps it is best to keep your office in the thick of family activity.

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Consider your work flow when shopping for furniture. What items do you need at your fingertips while working? Keep this in mind and find pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Also, think about the décor of the rest of your home as well when looking for furniture. Allow the style, whether it be traditional, contemporary, or farmhouse flow into your office letting it integrate in as part of your home. This will create a space that is comfortable and unique to you, helping to fight off any bleak Monday morning blues.

Another primary consideration when designing your office is technology. When arranging your furniture think about your computer, printer, phone,Wi-Fi router and their power cords. Strategically placing these items near outlets will prevent a mess of wires running throughout your office and can offer you easy and creative solutions to hide the wires all together.

Personalize your space. Unlike your desk at work, you have real opportunity to design this space as you like. Paint the walls a color you enjoy and decorate with personal accessories like photos or artwork. Face your desk towards a window to give yourself something pleasant to look at when you take a break from the computer screen. Include a sofa or easy chair for relaxation or a small conference table for a change of pace from your desk.

The talented designers at Babel’s would be glad to assist in the design of your home office. Do you have additional tips for designing the perfect office? Share them with us.


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