Lighten Up Your Home With Springtime Window Treatments


Anna Lattimore Interior Design


It may seem hard to believe but the first day of spring is only 2 weeks away! We can finally say goodbye to the cold and dark days of winter and let the warm sunshine and cool breezes fill our homes. A simple and fast way to prepare your home for spring is to update your window treatments. Window treatments are a large factor in the the overall design of your home. Time to put away your current cozy and warm treatments and replace them with a light and airy spring alternative.

Traditional Living Room with Hardwood floors, Christopher Knight Home MacArthur Weathered Oak Natural Fabric Arm Chair
Elizabeth Taich Design

Choose your fabric carefully

Consider brighter colors when deciding on fabric choices for your springtime window treatments. Lightweight and sheer fabrics make for great choices to appear light and airy while still letting some sunlight filter through. Opt for a bright Roman Shade or light colored blinds to bring the fresh spring feeling into your home. Coordinate throw pillows or cushions in a similar color and fabric to create a cohesive design with the rest of the room.

Say no to any fabric at all

If you have stunning views that you don’t want to cover up or simply don’t care for the look of fabric window treatments, consider interior shutters. Offering you the privacy you need while still providing you the views you want. Similar to blinds, interior shutters are a beautiful option that allow for easy adjustment of light and privacy.  The minimalism and classic look of interior shutters makes them a versatile option for any interior style.

Be creative

If the calendar says spring but the weather still says winter, consider layering your window treatments.  A sheer fabric layered underneath the dark winter fabrics allows the light to come in while keeping the cold winter temperatures out. Another great option is cafe style curtains, short window treatments that cover the bottom portion of the window. With the top half of the window uncovered, these let in a lot of light while the covered bottom portion reduces glare and offers plenty of privacy.

Window treatments are the perfect way to give your home that fresh spring renewal feeling. Consult with any of the talented designers at Babel’s to learn more about freshening up your home just in time for spring.



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