Barn Doors: A Space Saving Statement Piece

Barn doors are not just for barns anymore. This country farmhouse inspired design has made its way indoors and become a popular piece of interior décor.  A space saving statement piece, these doors offer a decorative yet functional alternative to traditional swinging doors. Similar to pocket doors, these are very popular in small homes or apartments where every square inch of space counts. However, their versatile and unique aesthetic make them popular in any style home.

Rocky Mountain Log Homes, 20 Sliding Barn Door Ideas via A Blissful Nest
These barn doors are a great option to offer privacy in an open loft. (Rocky Mountain Log Homes)

Don’t let the term barn door fool you, while this style of door did earn its name from the typical sliding doors found on a barn, the interior doors are available in a wide variety of styles.  Whether you decide on classic reclaimed wood, stainless steel, or a frosted glass style, these doors add character to any space. Barn doors can be designed to slide open to one side or slide apart as a space saving version of French doors.

The frosted glass of these doors allows light through while still hiding the laundry room from sight. (VanBrouck & Associates)

Unlike pocket doors, barn doors are hung with their hardware outside of the door frame. This makes them easier and more cost effective to install. Additionally, pocket doors are meant to be hidden when opened, contrary to barn doors which take up a significant amount of wall space when open.  It is important to keep in mind that since barn doors are hung outside the door frame, the door is meant to glide in front of the drywall. This means that there will typically be a small gap between the door and the wall when the door is closed, preventing complete privacy.

Barn Doors - Sebring Services
The sliding barn door here is a great way to hide clothes from view where a standard swinging door may not fit. (Murphy & Co.)

As one of the most sought after features in any style home, these doors usually act as the focal point for design.  Typically chosen in a material or style that stands out compared to the rest of the space, these doors are at the heart of the design of a space. These doors also make great additions to entryways where a door may not be necessary. The visual interest that is added when the door is installed can double as wall art and complete the space in a way that would not be possible otherwise.

The office and living room in this home flow seamlessly with each other. The addition of the barn doors creates interest and allows for privacy in the office when needed. (Weaver Custom Homes)

If you are thinking about adding a barn door to your space, consult one of the talented designers at Babel’s to find the right one to suit your style. Do you already have a barn door? Share a photo with us!


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