Five Design Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

Traditional Landscape by James Martin Associates

By this time of year, the winter seems endless. The snow has lost its cozy appeal and our favorite hat has gone from cute to snow-soaked. With shorter, colder, and snowier days we often find ourselves trapped indoors. It is easy to become tired of the décor around us and become desperate for a change. Instead of cursing the snow and the cold, be inspired by these five home design ideas that will put you in a warm weather state of mind.

1. Embrace Outdoor Living 

Award Winning Alpine Chalet
Photo by Nicole O’Mara Design

In a list of design ideas to put you in a warm weather state of mind, embracing the outdoors may seem like a crazy concept. However, rather than letting your outdoor space become barren in the winter, decorate for the cold. Whether it is a fire pit, a balcony, or covered patio, decorating to embrace the winter will help you get year round use out of the space. Envision yourself toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate at a luxe ski chalet when designing your winter outdoor space. The proper use of candles, blankets, furs, and pillows will transport you from the slushy suburbs to the fluffy, snow covered Rockies.

Patio Terrace Summer Evening
Photo by Susie Watson Design

2. Hanging Chairs

Surf Shack
Photo by Andrew Howard Interior Design

Hammocks and hanging chairs are the ultimate in outdoor relaxation. While these comfortable seats began as outdoor pieces, they are gaining popularity in indoor spaces as well.  Not only do these hanging chairs offer comfort and relaxation, they are also available in a wide variety of materials, styles, and colors making them a versatile statement piece. A great way to bring the outdoors inside, set it in your living room or bedroom and enjoy the comfort and functionality of this fun piece.

Contemporary Pool by Charline Lancel

3. Decorate with bright Colors 

Windsor Road Residence - Austin, TX
Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Brighten up the interior of your home by decorating with pinks, yellows, and oranges. Pillows, cushions, or other accessories are easy ways to bring a cheerful mood to any space. Since they are simply accessories they can be changed out as your tastes, desires, and the seasons change. Consider incorporating bright and warm colors in unexpected areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Use bright dishes, hand towels, or place mats for a small pop of color to turn the winter blues around.

Master Bedroom2
Photo by Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

4. Incorporate Flora and Fauna 

Oceanfront, Laguna Beach, CA
Photo by Abodewell Interior Design

Plants add a subtle sophistication to any room and in the winter they can serve as reminder of what is to come in the spring. Succulents are a great option due to their hardy nature. Additionally, their interesting shapes and colors can also lend themselves to the visual interest and depth of the design of a room. Consider the pots or containers you are using as well. Unique and brightly colored pots are also a great way to bring in those summer colors as mentioned before. An indoor herb garden in the kitchen or simply bringing in new flowers from the florist are other low maintenance options to bring freshness and life into any space.

Midway House
Photo by Studio McGee

5. Winterize Your Screened-In Porch

Sun Room in Winter
Photo by Whitten Architects

A screened in porch is typically thought of as a three season space. A relaxing refuge in the spring, summer, and fall goes without use in the winter. Replace the screens with glass to protect from the elements and install a wood-burning stove or fireplace to provide warmth.   Whether you use the porch for mid-day naps, dining alfresco, or as a place to enjoy the falling snow and a book, small steps can make the coziness of the porch last all four seasons.

Contemporary Porch
Photo by Lawrence Architecture
Although the outdoors may be snow covered and cold for a little while longer, following these easy home design ideas will help keep that end-of-winter-blah feeling at bay. Do you have other tips to bring energy and life back into your home? Share your ideas in the comments!

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