Modern Sophistication: Decorating with Geometrics

Stemming from ancient Greek art and fashion, the use of lines and shapes has made its way to the center of interior design. Geometrics is defined as the use of lines and shapes to create a pattern or design.  Using geometric designs in a space creates visual interest and expresses feelings and mood.  However, using these designs can be overwhelming to the inexperienced designer.  Follow these simple tips to add some modern sophistication to any room in your home.

Laurel Lane Residence

Popular geometric designs include stripes, chevron, diamonds, hexagons, circles, and waves that repeat to create a pattern. When you are first starting to use these patterns, start small by using them on accent pieces like throw pillows or area rugs.  This will allow you to play with different patterns and determine your preferences.  Also, using smaller pieces makes it easier to change the pattern if your preferences change or you are looking to refresh the design.  Additionally, think of the practical uses of geometrics when deciding on what piece to use them on.  For example, a geometric area rug is very forgiving on wear and tear and makes an excellent option for a high traffic area or child’s room.

Fair Haven

Keep in mind the scale, or size, of the patterns that you are using.  By nature, all geometric patterns are bold and loud regardless of size.  However, a larger pattern will draw more attention than a smaller one.  Do not be afraid of variety and using more than one pattern in a room.  Off-set a large scale geometric wallcovering with smaller scale accents.

Consider the feelings that are evoked when looking at different patterns.  Are they hard, like a chevron or stripe, or are they soft, like circles or waves? Finding balance between these hard and soft patterns is a good way to introduce more than one geometric print into the same space.  Determining what type of feeling you want the space to have can also help you determine what type of print to introduce to a room.

River Ridge - Southwick

Be mindful of your color choices. Find a color family and pick a few shades from that family.  Too many colors and patterns in a space can become overwhelming but sticking to one color can take away from the dramatic effect of the design.   For example, if decorating with blues, choose pieces in navy and compliment them with paler blues or grays. Also, don’t forget about solid colors when experimenting with pattern.  The solid colors give your eyes a space to rest from the geometrics.

Color Pop

Don’t become overwhelmed when introducing pattern and geometrics into your space.  If you would like help finding the best pattern, the talented interior designers at Babel’s would be glad to assist in the design of your home and can help you navigate the endless possibilities available to you.


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