Powder Rooms: Small Space, Big Design

Imagine a beautiful home nestled on a quiet street lined with oak trees.  The interior of the home is elegant and traditionally decorated in creams and whites.  In a small hallway between the kitchen and living room is a door, no different from every other door in the home. What is behind it? A closet, the stairs to the basement?  You open it and see jet-black enamel walls, a simple mirror and eclectic selection of artwork.  The simple sink glows in the corner and the small space is radiating with light.  A half-bathroom, or powder room, appears seemingly out of nowhere yet gives the guest a small taste of the homeowner’s personality. Sophisticated. Artistic. Bold.

Tribeca Town House

Small spaces like powder rooms are great areas to showcase your personality.  Do you love the feminine color combination of glittering gold and a bold pink?  Or do you think there is no greater showcase of sophistication than a stunning jewel-tone accent wall. Decorating with these colors in common spaces is often thought of as taboo.  But, if you really want to showcase your personal style, there is no better place to do it than a powder room. Don’t be afraid to take risks, small spaces are perfect for big design.

Decorating with bold patterns and colors may seem daunting at first, especially if it does not align with the décor of the rest of your home.  The great thing about deviating from your typical, safe décor in such a small space is that it can be hidden.  Simply close the door and the daring design is hidden from view, perfectly blending in with the design of the rest of the home or, if you rather, leave the door open for a pop of color and interest.

Modern Powder Room

Decorating with a color like black, or another very deep color, can seem unorthodox in such a small space. However, pairing these colors with a large mirror or other reflective surface on the walls can make the room look and feel larger while maintaining a demure and sophisticated feel. Consider creating an accent wall with metallic tile or painting the entire space with a high gloss paint. The reflectiveness of these materials causes light to bounce, filling the space with light.

If decorating with a dark or bold color is too far outside of your comfort zone, consider a patterned wallpaper.  The pattern on the wallpaper can help to break up the bold color within and add dimension and texture.  The endless options in wallcovering pattern and color allow you to specify exactly the amount of eclectic detail you want to convey in this small space.

Westway, Highland Park Residence

Perhaps wallpaper is not your style and you prefer subtly painted walls, consider choosing a more elaborate vanity.  The drawers in the vanity can be helpful in storing linens or spare toiletries for guests.  Painting the vanity a bold, coordinating color can add a pop of personality, or consider a beautiful stained wood with intricate detailing and beautiful hardware.  Also, a plain color on the wall allows the use of intriguing accessories like ornate light fixtures, thought-provoking artwork, or elaborate mirrors.

University Park French Colonial

Have you been inspired to upgrade your powder room?  Visit one of our four interior decorating showrooms and browse the countless fabrics, wallcoverings, and paint colors to transform this often overlooked space.  One of our talented decorators can help you create a space that exceeds your expectations.  If you are looking for a striking vanity, visit the designers at Kitchen Views and watch as they maximize storage in ways you have never before thought possible.


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