How to Seal Water Stains on a Ceiling


Weather Damage? Here’s How to Seal Water Stains On a Ceiling

Step one: Remove the source of the moisture

Step two: Check the ceiling to make sure it is in sound condition

Step three: Wait for the ceiling to thoroughly dry

Step four: Remove any mildew with a mild bleach and water solution

Step five: Scrape and sand any loose paint until problem area has a smooth finish

Step six: Coat with a stain killing primer such as Insl-X Seal Lock or Insl-X-Prime Lock

Step seven: Paint with a coat of Benjamin Moore Ceiling paint

Step eight: Paint the entire ceiling for a more uniform finish

Step nine: Paint a second coat for the best overall appearance.

Step ten: Send us a picture of your finished ceiling job and we will post it on one of our social sites!


Stop into any one of our stores for more tips, advice and product ideas for any weather damaged areas of your home or office.


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